These are some examples of my work. Many of these pieces have sold or are unavailable.

It is not an inventory or “product catalog”, and I don’t have a way to order online. However, if there’s something that interests you, contact me at and we can see if I have something that you’d like.

Elm Hollow Form

Hollow form of Elm on a dyed maple stand. Hollow form itself is about 4″ diameter and 7″ tall. On the stand it is about 9-1/2″ tall.

Ash Calabash

Calabash bowl from an ash crotch. Walnut pewa joining some cracks. No foot, just a little dimple. Some great figure in this piece. About 7″ diameter, 3-1/2″ tall. Walnut oil finish.


Forth in my Rocket Box series. Box Elder Burl, about 10″ tall overall, and the box is about 2.5″ diameter. Lacquer finish. This one has a “secret compartment” on the bottom, held on with magnets.

Elm Hollow Form

About 6″ tall, 3.5″ diameter. Lacquer finish. If it looks crocked, that’s how it dried – the knot on one side sorta sunk in while the surrounding area bulged out. Gives it some character.

Flame Textured Hollow Form

Elm hollow form. About 6” tall, 4.5” diameter. Flame textured (torched and wire brushed). Lacquer finish.

Honey Locust Hollow Form

About 7″ diameter, 3″ tall. Walnut oil finish.

Simple Goblet

About 10” high, bowl is about 3” diameter. Box elder burl, dyed. Dyed maple stem. Lacquer. This piece was selected by the American Association of Woodturners Forum as Turning of the Week for June 17, 2024

Sliced Hollow Form

Honey Locust. About 6-1/2” diameter, 3-1/4 tall. Sliced apart and reassembled with wenge pewa. Interior painted black, exterior finished with walnut oil.

Bent Stem Vase

Bent stem vase (Carved hollow form). Honey Locust. About 5” tall, body is about 3.5” diameter.

Rocket Box, Too!

Enjoyed making the first one, so had to do another. About 11” tall. Big leaf maple burl w/ dyed maple legs, rings, and finials. Finish is lacquer. This piece received an Instant Gallery Excellence Award at the 2024 AAW International Symposium.

Wormy Ash Sliced

Wormy Ash. Hollowed with a small (1/4″) hole in the top. Sliced and reassembled with Wenge pewa. About 5 1/2″ diameter, 6 3/4″ tall. Interior painted black, exterior finished with walnut oil. Yes, I hollowed it through the bottom.


Wormy ash, about 4.25″ diameter. Walnut oil finish.

Small Hollow Form

Box Elder Burl. Bleached and dyed.About 5-1/4″ tall to the top of the finial (lid).Lid is maple, dyed.Lacquer finish.


Wormy ash hollow form. About 8.5″ diameter, 5″ high. This was a crotch with 3 limbs that I found at our club’s wood lot. I turned it whole (leaving in the pith from all the limbs). I decided to leave the cracks – too many to try to fill or patch. And I removed the … Continue reading Rustic

Tall Box

A tall box with 3 carved legs. Box Elder Burl, about 10″ tall. Disc under the lid and finial are dyed with India ink. Finish is lacquer.


Big Leaf Maple Burl. Dyed maple “leg” and finial. About 9.5″ tall. Lacquer finish. This piece was selected by the American Association of Woodturners Forum as Turning of the Week for January 29, 2024.

Box Elder Burl Hollow Form

Hollow Form. Box Elder Burl. About 4″ diameter and 2.5″ tall. Red and Yellow dyes finished with Lacquer.


Hollow Form, probably Maple but I’m not really sure. It’s about 6″ diameter and 6.25″ tall. The bark inclusion was just too big, so I got a little guy in to wall it up. There was a large crack along one side, which I patched with Walnut pewa. The bricklayer left some bricks in the … Continue reading PatchWork

Cracked Ash Dish

Ash Dish, about 9″ dia x 1.5″ high. Cracks repaired with Walnut Pewa & Epoxy. Finish is Walnut Oil.

Ash Sliced Hollow Form

Sliced Hollow Form, Ash, about 9″ dia x 4.5″. Sliced and reassembled with Wenge Pewa. Finish is Walnut Oil.

Aspen Burl Hollow Form

Aspen Burl Hollow Form, 5.5″ dia x 3.25″, Osmo PolyX Finish

R is for Rocket Box

This was fun and challenging to make. It’s 11″ tall and about 3″ diameter. Box is Big Leaf Maple Burl, and the legs, rings, and finials are dyed maple. Finish is lacquer. This piece was selected for inclusion in the 2024 AAW Member Exhibition, “Common Roots”.

Wormy Spalted Maple Hollow Form

Hollow Form of Spalted and Wormy Maple. About 5″ diameter and 5-3/4″ tall. Finish is Osmo Polyx oil.

Sliced Hollow Form

Hollow Form, about 5″ diameter and 6″ tall. Sliced apart and reassembled with Walnut Pewa. I made two slices at different orientations to yield an opening that flows between wide and narrow. Pretty sure this was Cherry. Exterior finish is Lacquer, interior painted black.

Genie Escapes!

About 10″ tall and 5.5″ diameter. Ash, with Maple Pewa patches where Genie broke through the wall. Finish is Walnut Oil. Hollowed from the bottom:

Ash Sliced Hollow Form

About 5″ diameter and 6″ tall. Ash with Wenge Pewa bridging the slice. Finish is Walnut Oil.

Mesquite Sliced Hollow Form

About 6.5″ diameter by 3.25″ high. Mesquite with Maple Pewa. Walnut Oil finish. There are some pewa on the bottom repairing some natural cracks.

Natural Edge Big Leaf Maple Burl Goblet

Goblet of Big Leaf Maple burl, about 7 1/2″ tall x 3 1/2″ diameter. Stem is dyed maple. Finish is lacquer.

Maple Crotch Hollow Form

Hollow Form, about 11.75″ tall, 7″ diameter. From a crotch of Maple. Lacquer finish. Maple pewa secure a bark inclusion and a crack.

Elm Hollow Form

Hollow from from an Elm crotch. About 10″ diameter and 6″ high. Turned side-grain – that is, like a bowl, where the mouth of the form is pointing at the tree’s center (pith) and the foot pointing towards the bark. Bark inclusion bridged with a single Wenge pewa. Interior painted flat black to enhance the … Continue reading Elm Hollow Form

Aspen Hollow Form

Aspen hollow form, turned around the pith. About 7″ tall, 5″ diameter. Finished with lacquer and buffed.

Aspen Sliced Hollow Form

Aspen Hollow Form, turned around the pith and sliced. Slices re-assembled with Walnut pewa. About 7″ tall, 5″ diameter. Finished with lacquer and buffed.

Off-Axis Sliced Hollow Form

Round (spherical) Ash hollow form, turned on 2 axes and sliced thru a third. Re-assembled the two halves with Wenge pewa. About 6″ diameter. Finished with lacquer and buffed.

Mulberry Bowls

Earlier this year, a limb broke off a Mulberry tree in Mom’s yard, and she saved a couple pieces for me. My sons got a couple of these bowls for Christmas – this was a tree they both played at – there was almost always a rope swing hanging there. These bowls range from about … Continue reading Mulberry Bowls

Ash Hollow Form

Hollow Form. Ash with Turquoise inlay in a couple cracks. About 6″ tall, 4-1/2″ diameter. Lacquer finish.

Hollow Form on Stilts

Hollow form from a burl of unknown wood. Three legs or stilts of dyed walnut. It is about 4″ diameter and sits about 5″ high.

Ash Hollow Form

Ash, with a small bark inclusion. Walnut pewa repair a couple cracks. About 4-1/2″ diameter.

Sliced Ash Hollow Form

Ash hollow form, sliced and reassembled with Maple pewa. About 8″ diameter, 6-3/4″ high. Finished with walnut oil. American Woodturner, February 2024, p6

Ash Crotch – Sliced Hollow Form

Hollow form from an Ash crotch. Sliced and reassembled with Wenge pewa. About 7-1/2 ” diameter, 4″ high. Finished with lacquer. American Woodturner, April 2023, Vol 38, No 2 

Spin-Art Plate

Cherry, about 10″ diameter. Spun the rim with enamel paints.


Just an apple. Dyed Ash. Carved “bite”. Lacquer finish. Leather stem.

Dyed, Torched, and Sliced Hollow Form

Ash. Burned to highlight the growth rings and dyed red. Sliced with an arc with Wenge pewa. About 5″ diameter, 3″ tall. Lacquer finish.

Diagonally Sliced Hollow Form

Ash, sliced diagonally, with Wenge pewa. About 5-1/4″ diameter, 2-1/2″ tall. Lacquer finish.

Sliced Hollow Form

Ash, sliced with an arc, with Wenge pewa. About 4-1/4″ diameter, 2-1/2″ tall. Walnut oil finish.

Sliced Hollow Form

Ash, sliced in an arc, with Wenge pewa. About 5-1/2″ diameter, 3-3/4″ tall. Walnut oil finish.


Mesquite Hollow Form with Maple pewa, about 7″ diameter and 5″ high. This was a bit risky due to the ring shake in the tree. Ring Shake is a crack that forms along one of the growth rings. It is probably caused by something that affected the tree’s growth that year – bacteria, insects, drought, … Continue reading Shake-y

Sliced Elm Hollow Form

Cut a narrow slice through this Hollow Form of Elm and reassembled it with Maple pewa. About 7″ diameter and 4″ high.

Small Natural Edge Goblet

Goblet of Big Leaf Maple burl (with dyed maple stem). About 4-1/4″ tall, bowl is about 2-1/4″ diameter. Spray lacquer finish.

Natural Burl Surface Goblet

Goblet with the natural burl surface on the outside of the goblet bowl, and top side of the base. Big Leaf Maple burl with dyed maple stem. About 6-1/4″ tall. The bowl is about 3-1/4″ diameter. Finished with spray lacquer. This piece was selected by the American Association of Woodturners Forum as Turning of the … Continue reading Natural Burl Surface Goblet

Sliced Walnut Hollow Form

About 7″ diameter x 4.5″ high. Walnut, turned green, sliced, and re-assembled with maple pewa. Finish is walnut oil. There are a few small walnut pewa stitching a crack on one side (not shown in the picture).

Wormy Maple Hollow Form

This piece is about 7″ diameter and 3-1/2″ tall. Lots of worm holes around one side, which I have cleaned out of all the “bug dirt”.

School Bell Handle

Replaced a broken handle on an old school bell. The handle is about 6″ long. Used paint and various stains to attempt to imitate (or at least hint at) the patina of the original.

Sliced Maple Hollow Form

Maple Hollow Form, about 5″ diameter and 6″ tall. Sliced and re-assembled with walnut strips. Lacquer finish.

Sliced Walnut Hollow Form

Walnut Hollow Form, about 6.5″ tall, 5″ diameter. Sliced and re-assembled with maple pewa. Walnut oil finish.

Cracked Hollow Form

Walnut, about 5″ diameter, 6 1/2″ tall. Maple pewa across the crack, turquoise fill in the crack.

Sliced Walnut Bowl

Walnut with Maple pewa over sawed gap. About 5″ diameter. Walnut oil finish. Inspired by John Beaver’s work. This is an initial piece to explore some new (to me) ideas. This piece was selected by the American Association of Woodturners Forum as Turning of the Week for April 11, 2022.


Three Maple hollow forms. These are 10-1/2″, 5″ and 1-7/8″ tall. The larger one is 7″ diameter.

Big Leaf Maple Goblet

A natural-edged goblet, from a Big Leaf Maple burl. It is about 5″ tall and the bowl is about 2-1/2″ diameter. Looks like the burl may have a bit of spalting. The top of the base is uncut burl cap.

Big Leaf Maple Hollow Form

This natural-top hollow form is Big Leaf Maple. It is about 6″ diameter and 2″ tall. It was made form a core removed from the center of this bowl.

Big Leaf Maple Burl Bowl

This natural-edge bowl from a Big Leaf Maple Burl is about 8-3/4″ diameter and 2-1/2″ high. The walls of the bowl are almost 1/2″ thick, to show off the natural burl surface.

Wormy Maple Calabash Bowl

9.75″ diameter, 4.75″ high. Finish is walnut oil.

Another Wormy Ash Hollowform

Wormy Ash, 7.5″ diameter, 4.5″ tall. This piece has a nice bark inclusion running up the side. I might have left that alone, except that several other cracks developed during drying. So I fixed those cracks with Wenge pewa (butterfly inserts) and also bridged the bark inclusion so it would look more complete. The wood … Continue reading Another Wormy Ash Hollowform

Wormy Ash Hollow Form

Ash, full of worm holes. The piece is about 8″ diameter and 4.5″ high.

Troublesome #10

Troublesome (Series)

The Cameron Peak Fire started in August of 2020, and the East Troublesome Fire in October. These are, so far, the two largest wildfires in Colorado history, and East Troublesome was the most destructive. Combined, they burned over 628 square miles of forest. Two people died. More than 500 homes were destroyed, and thousands were … Continue reading Troublesome (Series)

Walnut Hollow Form

This Hollow Form is Walnut, about 6-1/2″ around and 5″ tall. Turned from a full log, so the pith (center of the log) runs thru the sides. The stress around the pith usually leads to cracking. After it sat for a while and developed some cracks, I repaired them with Maple Pewa patches There is … Continue reading Walnut Hollow Form

Walnut Hollow Form

This Hollow Form is Walnut, about 7″ around and 4″ tall. It was turned from a full log, so the pith (center of the log) runs thru the sides of the form. There is a lot of stress around the pith, and it usually leads to cracking. After it sat for a while, it did … Continue reading Walnut Hollow Form

Small Walnut Calabashes

Some small walnut calabash bowls. the largest is 4″ x 3″, the small one is 2-1/2″ x 1-1/2″.

Walnut Calabash

Walnut calabash bowl, 5″ x 3″. Pewa are Maple.

Walnut Calabash

Calabash bowl, Walnut. 8″ diameter x 4″ high. Pewa and Huini pegs are Maple.

Walnut Calabash

Calabash bowl, 8″ diameter x 5″ high. Walnut. Pewa are Maple, Huini pegs are Ebony.

Walnut Calabash

Calabash bowl, 11″diameter x 4-1/2″ tall. Walnut. Pewa (butterfly) patches are Wenge. The bowl was turned from a crotch log, including the pith (center) of the log and branches. I like the figure and grain variation around the pith, but it introduces extra stress in the wood and will certainly lead to cracks. I let … Continue reading Walnut Calabash


I am really enjoying making these goblets. The tallest ones in the picture are about 10″ tall.

Ant Colony Hollow form

When I cut into this piece of Mesquite, I discovered the former home of a colony of ants. Fortunately they had moved on long before I acquired the wood. I left the walls thick to retain the natural edges left by the former occupants. There was not much wood to work with on the bottom, … Continue reading Ant Colony Hollow form

Burned and Dyed Ash

These ash hollowforms were burned with a torch. The torch charred the early wood (large pores) before burning the late wood (more solid places). I then used red dye to color them.

Collection of Bowls

A collection of utility bowls I have made recently. The largest ones are around 12″ diameter. There are various woods here: walnut, maple, pine, oak, birch, and an ash burl.


I was inspired by a clip from this video by Sam Angelo and made a nativity set for the family.  I happened to have a bowl that I’d gone too thin on the bottom, so I could cut it to made the manger.

Another Forest

I did a demo for Rocky Mountain Woodturners in November, showing how to make a bunch of christmas tree ornaments.  The club made a video.   After that demo, I finished making all three rings, and cut out 172 trees, and strung twine on each one. I participated in a holiday art show the next … Continue reading Another Forest

Floating Hot Air Balloon

I made a hot air balloon that floats!   The balloon is a cottonwood hollowform, colored with dyes.  The basket is black palm wood.  The base is also colored cottonwood. The base supports a vertical pole, and the balloon has a tube running through its middle. The balloon just slides onto the pole.   I … Continue reading Floating Hot Air Balloon

Hollow forms

I’ve been enjoying making hollow forms recently.  This is just a sampling of some of the recent ones. Beetle-Kill Pine:     Maple, with a bit of spalting on the top:   Aspen:   Cottonwood:   Another cottonwood form.  I like how layering various colors of dye brings out the figure in cottonwood.

Cottonwood Bowls

These are great examples of why I love to turn cottonwood.  The figure is just fantasitc. The larger bowl is about 11″ diameter.       This smaller one is about 4″.

Large Walnut Bowl

I made a large (about 16″ diameter) walnut bowl as a wedding gift for my son.

Wormy Maple Bowl

The worms really had a field-day in this Maple tree.  They bored lots of holes.  I like the patterns they left in the wood.  I think this bowl shows off both the beauty of the wood and gives a glimpse into the lives of creatures that lived in the tree.   The bowl measures about … Continue reading Wormy Maple Bowl

Maple Platter

I acquired a very nice piece of Maple.  I was happy that the platter I turned was able to show off this beautiful wood. There is some beautiful quilting figure, a lighter band on one edge – I think this is from the sapwood, but it is really hard to tell.  This tree must have … Continue reading Maple Platter

I Turned a Forrest!

We needed some small items to donate to a fundraiser holiday craft sale.  So I made a bunch of trees. I ended up making two sets, and ended up with around 90 little trees (about 2″ tall).

Tesla Tables

I burned Lichtenberg patterns in table legs for a local restaurant. Early-summer 2017 I heard about someone who had hurt herself doing this.  Just the way I heard about it, from several different people within a couple of days, I decided I would volunteer to help. She was on the third table (of about 20 … Continue reading Tesla Tables

Flame Box Elder Bowl

This bowl is about 6.5″ x 1.75″ and is a great example of the red “flame” staining that can occur in Box Elder. There are several ideas about what causes the flame stain – maybe a fungus, maybe a bug, or maybe just some physical stress that the tree endured. In any case, it is … Continue reading Flame Box Elder Bowl

Ambrosia Maple Tesla Platters

Here are several platters made from Ambrosia Maple and decorated with Lichenberg patterns around the rim. Ambrosia Maple is not a species, but rather a regular Maple that has been infested with an Ambrosia Beetle.  The beetle stains the wood and leaves little holes where it bored thru the wood.   12″ x 1.5″- $80 … Continue reading Ambrosia Maple Tesla Platters

Box Elder Tesla Bowl

Shallow bowl of Box Elder, 10.5″ x 2″, Licthenberg figure aournd the outside. Box Elder is known for having a firey red flame pattern in some woods.  It is thought to be due to some sort of stress that causes the wood to change color.  This piece only has the tiniest little bit of flame … Continue reading Box Elder Tesla Bowl

Black Ash Burl Goblet

This goblet’s bowl is a burl of Black Ash, about 3.75″ diameter.  The stem is Walnut.  The base is from the same piece of ash as the bowl. The goblet is about 7″ tall.

Goblet – Black Ash Burl

This goblet’s bowl is a burl of Black Ash, about 3.75″ diameter.  The stem is Ebony. The goblet is about 7″ tall.    

Aspen hollowform

This hollowform really shows off some nice Aspen grain figure. 5″ diameter, 5.25″ tall, with about a 1″ opening.   $55 – Sold

Small Aspen Hollowform

This is a small hollowform – just 2.5″ diameter and 3″ tall.  It is Aspen, with a cap (attached, not a lid) of ebonized Walnut.   Not for Sale

Crazy Color Cottonwood Bowl

I just love the figure that you sometimes find in Cottonwood.  I decided to use some dye on this piece to bring out that figure.  The result has hints of green, yellow, blue and red, and really highlights the figure in the grain on one half of this bowl. The bowl is 12″ diameter and … Continue reading Crazy Color Cottonwood Bowl

Bagpipe Drone Tap Handles

My son is a bagpiper and homebrewer.  He wanted a pair of tap handles for his keggerator to match his bagpipe drones.  So we made some.  He wanted 2 for himself and one for a friend, and we made one extra – just in case.  Since all 4 worked out, I got to keep one … Continue reading Bagpipe Drone Tap Handles

Maple Tesla Platter

Maple with a bit of “ambrosia” (bug staining).  Lichtenberg fractal patterns make this a Tesla Platter.   The platter is 12″ diameter.   $80 Sold

Cottonwood Tesla Bowl

Bowl from native Colorado Cottonwood.    Lichtenberg fractal patterns burned around the rim. The bowl is 10 1/2″ diameter. This tree was rescued from a tree-trimer’s “free firewood” pile.   $75 Sold

Aspen Tesla Dish

Shallow Aspen bowl or dish, 10″ diameter.   Sold

Walnut Tesla Bowl

Walnut bowl, about 11″ diameter, with Lichtenberg fractal patterns. Also features a natural bark inclusion along the rim (a defect in the original tree).

Aspen Tesla Bowls

Three Aspen bowls with Lichtenberg patterns burned around the side.  Largest bowl is about 6″, the other two are 5″.   All have sold – $25

Walnut Tesla Bowl

A shallow Walnut bowl with Lichtenberg patterns burned around the open flared rim. The rim also features a natural bark inclusion from the original tree. The bowl is about 11″ diameter.

Wood Turning by Dave Landers