Tall Box

A tall box with 3 carved legs. Box Elder Burl, about 10″ tall.

Disc under the lid and finial are dyed with India ink. Finish is lacquer.

Flame Box Elder Bowl

This bowl is about 6.5″ x 1.75″ and is a great example of the red “flame” staining that can occur in Box Elder.

There are several ideas about what causes the flame stain – maybe a fungus, maybe a bug, or maybe just some physical stress that the tree endured.

In any case, it is striking.


The end-grain (around where the center of the tree was) has been filled where it cracked. You might be able to see a line of transparency in the photos.  I have had this bowl in my personal collection for several years, and this repair has not showed any sign of being a problem.


$30 Sold

Box Elder Tesla Bowl

Shallow bowl of Box Elder, 10.5″ x 2″, Licthenberg figure aournd the outside.

Box Elder is known for having a firey red flame pattern in some woods.  It is thought to be due to some sort of stress that causes the wood to change color.  This piece only has the tiniest little bit of flame color – so small thatyou can’t even see it in the photos.




DSC01324.JPG$70 Sold