Ash Calabash

Calabash bowl from an ash crotch. Walnut pewa joining some cracks. No foot, just a little dimple. Some great figure in this piece. About 7″ diameter, 3-1/2″ tall. Walnut oil finish.

Mulberry Bowls

Earlier this year, a limb broke off a Mulberry tree in Mom’s yard, and she saved a couple pieces for me. My sons got a couple of these bowls for Christmas – this was a tree they both played at – there was almost always a rope swing hanging there.

These bowls range from about 3″ to about 7″ diameter.

The black staining was in the log – from water getting into cracks in the wood while it was still on the tree. I did fill a few cracks with black epoxy. Finish is walnut oil.

In the image with several bowls, two have darker color (upper right and the natural-edge one). These were turned about a month before the others, so have had that much longer to darken (which is natural with mulberry).

Big Leaf Maple Burl Bowl

This natural-edge bowl from a Big Leaf Maple Burl is about 8-3/4″ diameter and 2-1/2″ high.

The walls of the bowl are almost 1/2″ thick, to show off the natural burl surface.

Walnut Calabash

Calabash bowl, 11″diameter x 4-1/2″ tall. Walnut. Pewa (butterfly) patches are Wenge.

The bowl was turned from a crotch log, including the pith (center) of the log and branches. I like the figure and grain variation around the pith, but it introduces extra stress in the wood and will certainly lead to cracks.

I let it sit for a while (and crack), then repaired the cracks with the pewa.