Collection of Bowls

A collection of utility bowls I have made recently. The largest ones are around 12″ diameter. There are various woods here: walnut, maple, pine, oak, birch, and an ash burl.

2 thoughts on “Collection of Bowls”

  1. Saw, and read with interest, the article in the July 17 issue of the Trail Gazette.

    You have the ShotBarrels price, but looking at your website, unless I missed it, I see no prices listed on your bowl collection(s).

    All look like a possible Christmas gifts, but a $$$ is warranted.

    Gary Crull
    Columbus, OH

    1. Glad you saw that article! These pictures are representative of some of my work, and many are already sold or unavailable. If there’s something specific you’re interested in, email me and we should be able to work something out (my email is at the top left – or towards the bottom if you’re on a phone).

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