Mesquite Hollow Form with Maple pewa, about 7″ diameter and 5″ high.

This was a bit risky due to the ring shake in the tree. Ring Shake is a crack that forms along one of the growth rings. It is probably caused by something that affected the tree’s growth that year – bacteria, insects, drought, wind, etc. Wood with ring shake can be dangerous to turn. Since the shake goes all the way around the growth ring, large chunks can separate and come flying off the lathe.

I inspected this piece carefully and repeatedly as I turned it. I made a judgement call that there was enough solid wood to keep it together. I wore protective gear (face shield, safety glasses) and made sure to stay well out of the “line of fire” (the places where pieces are likely to fly off).

Once completed, it required numerous pewa to ensure that the cracks will stay put.

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