Wormy Ash Sliced

Wormy Ash. Hollowed with a small (1/4″) hole in the top. Sliced and reassembled with Wenge pewa.

About 5 1/2″ diameter, 6 3/4″ tall. Interior painted black, exterior finished with walnut oil.

Yes, I hollowed it through the bottom.


Wormy ash hollow form. About 8.5″ diameter, 5″ high.

This was a crotch with 3 limbs that I found at our club’s wood lot. I turned it whole (leaving in the pith from all the limbs).

I decided to leave the cracks – too many to try to fill or patch. And I removed the frass from the worm holes (lots of those, too).

Finish is Osmo Poly-X.

I did a “Follow Along” post on the AAW Forum to demonstrate my progress and decisions along the way.

Genie Escapes!

About 10″ tall and 5.5″ diameter. Ash, with Maple Pewa patches where Genie broke through the wall. Finish is Walnut Oil.

Genie Escapes, 5.5″x10″, Ash, Maple Pewa, Walnut Oil

Hollowed from the bottom:

Off-Axis Sliced Hollow Form

Round (spherical) Ash hollow form, turned on 2 axes and sliced thru a third. Re-assembled the two halves with Wenge pewa. About 6″ diameter. Finished with lacquer and buffed.

Sliced Ash Hollow Form

Ash hollow form, sliced and reassembled with Maple pewa. About 8″ diameter, 6-3/4″ high. Finished with walnut oil.

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