Bagpipe Drone Tap Handles

My son is a bagpiper and homebrewer.  He wanted a pair of tap handles for his keggerator to match his bagpipe drones.  So we made some.  He wanted 2 for himself and one for a friend, and we made one extra – just in case.  Since all 4 worked out, I got to keep one too.  Now I have to get a keggerator 🙂

These are about 8″ long, made of Walnut which we blackened with a chemical process called ebonizing.  We used aluminum pipe for the ferule (instead of sliver), and plastic for the tops (instead of ivory).



Not for Sale

One thought on “Bagpipe Drone Tap Handles”

  1. Good Morning,
    My dad is also a bagpiper and has taken up craft brewing in the past couple years. He now has a four-tap kegerator system hooked up at home and I ordered a tenor drone replacement piece from bagpipe online back in April. He was so excited to turn into a tapper l, but after waiting until November they finally told me the piece was discontinued. Long story short, the tappers in your pictures are beautiful and I just wondered if there is any chance you’d ever sell one or be willing to make another? Thanks in advance and I hope your son’s getting good use out of them!

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