Sliced Walnut Hollow Form

About 7″ diameter x 4.5″ high. Walnut, turned green, sliced, and re-assembled with maple pewa. Finish is walnut oil.

There are a few small walnut pewa stitching a crack on one side (not shown in the picture).

Another Wormy Ash Hollowform

Wormy Ash, 7.5″ diameter, 4.5″ tall.

This piece has a nice bark inclusion running up the side. I might have left that alone, except that several other cracks developed during drying.

So I fixed those cracks with Wenge pewa (butterfly inserts) and also bridged the bark inclusion so it would look more complete.

The wood has lots of worm holes – these were quite a bit of trouble. The worms leave the holes filled with packed sawdust, which I like to clean out. That makes for a lot of detail work with dental tools and compressed air..

This piece was selected by the American Association of Woodturners Forum as Turning of the Week for Nov 29, 2021.