Rocket Box, Too!

Enjoyed making the first one, so had to do another.

About 11” tall. Big leaf maple burl w/ dyed maple legs, rings, and finials.

Finish is lacquer.

This piece received an Instant Gallery Excellence Award at the 2024 AAW International Symposium.

Tall Box

A tall box with 3 carved legs. Box Elder Burl, about 10″ tall.

Disc under the lid and finial are dyed with India ink. Finish is lacquer.


Big Leaf Maple Burl. Dyed maple “leg” and finial. About 9.5″ tall. Lacquer finish.

This piece was selected by the American Association of Woodturners Forum as Turning of the Week for January 29, 2024.

R is for Rocket Box

This was fun and challenging to make.

It’s 11″ tall and about 3″ diameter.

Box is Big Leaf Maple Burl, and the legs, rings, and finials are dyed maple.

Finish is lacquer.

This piece was selected for inclusion in the 2024 AAW Member Exhibition, “Common Roots”.

What is it? Box, 11″ tall, about 3″ dia, Big Leaf Maple Burl, dyed maple legs, rings, and finials , lacquer finish