Make a 3-piece stemmed goblet. The bowl is usually a small burl or banch, and often natural-edged. This project has both bowl/face and spindle work, natural edge considerations, requires fitting the parts together, and there’s some challenges in holding the bowl and base on the lathe.  So a fun project with a wide range of things to demonstrate.

Shot Barrels

I think a demo on the Shot Barrels (wooden shot glasses) that I make might be fun. It’s a fun little project, and I’ve come up with a few techniques that help with the production. Several of those techniques could apply to other things that folks might make.

Safe Chainsaw Operation for Woodturners

This is a presentation on chainsaw safety. Woodturners often use a chainsaw for processing green wood, and the situation we find ourselves in is not always the best – smaller, unstable blanks balanced on stumps in the driveway. We also might get asked by a well-meaning friend to take down a dead or dying tree.

This presentation should give you the knowledge that a woodturner needs to safely use a chainsaw for processing logs, preparing blanks, and even some introductory information to prepare you to evaluate the safety of felling a tree.

This class could be done as a presentation only, but the best option would include a hands-on practice session. Hands-on practice and instruction in operating a saw, working on logs and billets, and making safe and efficient cuts. It would require a wood lot or other place with logs we could cut.

I have previous (expired) S-212 Wildland Fire Chain Saw certificaiton. I also developed the chainsaw safety class and operations guide for our local Boy Scout council. That class and certification is used to train adults to safely help with conservation efforts (beetle kill mitigation, etc) at the scout camps.

Turn a Forest – Ring-Turned Trees

I did this demo for Rocky Mountain Woodturners in November 2018, and for Front Range Woodturners in Nov 2019. November is just in time for the “Christmas gift making season”. We made a bunch of little trees in 2018, and angels in 2019.

Tesla Bowls

I did this demo for Rocky Mountain Woodturners in 2016. I doubt I will do it again, as I am reluctant to encourage anyone to try this dangerous technique. I include this video here only so you might get a sense of my demonstration style.

Wood Turning by Dave Landers