Make a 3-piece stemmed goblet. The bowl is usually a small burl or banch, and often natural-edged. This project has both bowl/face and spindle work, natural edge considerations, requires fitting the parts together, and there’s some challenges in holding the bowl and base.  So a fun project with a wide range of things to show.

Turn a Forest – Ring-Turned Trees

I did this demo for Rocky Mountain Woodturners in November 2018, and am doing it again for Front Range Woodturners in Nov 2019. November is just in time for the “Christmas gift making season”. We made a bunch of little trees in 2018, and am doing angels in 2019.

Shot Barrels

I think a demo on the Shot Barrels (wooden shot glasses) that I make might be fun. It’s a fun little project, and I’ve come up with a few techniques that help with the production. Several of those techniques might apply to other things that folks might make.

Tesla Bowls

I did this demo for Rocky Mountain Woodturners in 2016. I doubt I will do it again, as I am now hesitant to encourage anyone to do this potentially dangerous technique.

Wood Turning by Dave Landers