Large Walnut Bowl

I made a large (about 16″ diameter) walnut bowl as a wedding gift for my son.


Tesla Tables

I burned Lichtenberg patterns in table legs for a local restaurant.

Early-summer 2017 I heard about someone who had hurt herself doing this.  Just the way I heard about it, from several different people within a couple of days, I decided I would volunteer to help.

She was on the third table (of about 20 or 25) when she was severely injured by the high voltage.  Over the next couple of months, I finished the rest of the tables for her.  It was a fun project for me to apply my craft to something a bit different – and help out a “neighbor” at the same time.

Ambrosia Maple Tesla Platters

Here are several platters made from Ambrosia Maple and decorated with Lichenberg patterns around the rim.

Ambrosia Maple is not a species, but rather a regular Maple that has been infested with an Ambrosia Beetle.  The beetle stains the wood and leaves little holes where it bored thru the wood.



12″ x 1.5″- $80 – Sold



10″ x 1.5″ – $60 – Sold



10″ x 1″ – $60 – Sold



9.97″ x 1″ – $45 – Sold



9.25″ x 1″ – $60 – Sold

Box Elder Tesla Bowl

Shallow bowl of Box Elder, 10.5″ x 2″, Licthenberg figure aournd the outside.

Box Elder is known for having a firey red flame pattern in some woods.  It is thought to be due to some sort of stress that causes the wood to change color.  This piece only has the tiniest little bit of flame color – so small thatyou can’t even see it in the photos.




DSC01324.JPG$70 Sold

Maple Tesla Platter

Maple with a bit of “ambrosia” (bug staining).  Lichtenberg fractal patterns make this a Tesla Platter.


The platter is 12″ diameter.


$80 Sold

Cottonwood Tesla Bowl

Bowl from native Colorado Cottonwood.    Lichtenberg fractal patterns burned around the rim.

The bowl is 10 1/2″ diameter.

This tree was rescued from a tree-trimer’s “free firewood” pile.


$75 Sold

Walnut Tesla Bowl

Walnut bowl, about 11″ diameter, with Lichtenberg fractal patterns. Also features a natural bark inclusion along the rim (a defect in the original tree).

Aspen Tesla Bowls

Three Aspen bowls with Lichtenberg patterns burned around the side.  Largest bowl is about 6″, the other two are 5″.


All have sold – $25

Walnut Tesla Bowl

A shallow Walnut bowl with Lichtenberg patterns burned around the open flared rim. The rim also features a natural bark inclusion from the original tree. The bowl is about 11″ diameter.