Maple Platter

I acquired a very nice piece of Maple.  I was happy that the platter I turned was able to show off this beautiful wood.

There is some beautiful quilting figure, a lighter band on one edge – I think this is from the sapwood, but it is really hard to tell.  This tree must have been huge, as there is hardly any curvature to the growth rings at all.

The platter measures about 12″ x 2″.



Ambrosia Maple Tesla Platters

Here are several platters made from Ambrosia Maple and decorated with Lichenberg patterns around the rim.

Ambrosia Maple is not a species, but rather a regular Maple that has been infested with an Ambrosia Beetle.  The beetle stains the wood and leaves little holes where it bored thru the wood.



12″ x 1.5″- $80 – Sold



10″ x 1.5″ – $60 – Sold



10″ x 1″ – $60 – Sold



9.97″ x 1″ – $45 – Sold



9.25″ x 1″ – $60 – Sold

Maple Tesla Platter

Maple with a bit of “ambrosia” (bug staining).  Lichtenberg fractal patterns make this a Tesla Platter.


The platter is 12″ diameter.


$80 Sold