Sliced Hollow Form

Hollow Form, about 5″ diameter and 6″ tall.

Sliced apart and reassembled with Walnut Pewa. I made two slices at different orientations to yield an opening that flows between wide and narrow.

Pretty sure this was Cherry. Exterior finish is Lacquer, interior painted black.

Aspen Sliced Hollow Form

Aspen Hollow Form, turned around the pith and sliced. Slices re-assembled with Walnut pewa. About 7″ tall, 5″ diameter. Finished with lacquer and buffed.

Off-Axis Sliced Hollow Form

Round (spherical) Ash hollow form, turned on 2 axes and sliced thru a third. Re-assembled the two halves with Wenge pewa. About 6″ diameter. Finished with lacquer and buffed.