Dave Landers

I’ve been a hobbyist woodturner for over 30 years. I enjoy making things both functional and beautiful. Every time I step in the shop, I am striving to not only create something good, but also to advance my skills and abilities.

It’s all about the wood for me. I like creating in harmony with Mother Nature. She’s supplied so much more than just a material to work with. Wood is art. My challenge is to embellish that art, using the lathe and other tools, to enhance the beauty already there. Sometimes, I also get to collaborate with insects or maybe a fungus, and we layer on top of each other’s work.

The challenge of lockdowns in 2020 became, for me, an opportunity. I cobbled together enough gear to turn an otherwise-canceled meeting into my first Interactive Remote Demo. I’ve since been able to give several IRDs to clubs around the country. Teaching (and demonstrating) are the best tools for self-improvement – I can not teach without also learning. And it is very rewarding to give back to the woodturning community that has shared so much with me.

Making Shavings

I have the privilege of being able to turn wood in my shop and studio in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado.

For 21 years, I turned on a lathe I built myself. A wooden wood lathe. That’s me, in 1989, building it.


These are examples of some of my work. It is not a “product catalog”, and sometimes not very up to date. Many of these pieces are sold or unavailable. If there’s something that interests you, contact me at dave@dlwoodturning.com and we can see if the piece is available or if I have something similar that you’d like.

Mulberry Bowls

Earlier this year, a limb broke off a Mulberry tree in Mom’s yard, and she saved a couple pieces for me. My sons got a couple of these bowls for Christmas – this was a tree they both played at – there was almost always a rope swing hanging there. These bowls range from about … Continue reading Mulberry Bowls

Ash Hollow Form

Hollow Form. Ash with Turquoise inlay in a couple cracks. About 6″ tall, 4-1/2″ diameter. Lacquer finish.

Hollow Form on Stilts

Hollow form from a burl of unknown wood. Three legs or stilts of dyed walnut. It is about 4″ diameter and sits about 5″ high.

Ash Hollow Form

Ash, with a small bark inclusion. Walnut pewa repair a couple cracks. About 4-1/2″ diameter.

Sliced Ash Hollow Form

Ash hollow form, sliced and reassembled with Maple pewa. About 8″ diameter, 6-3/4″ high. Finished with walnut oil.

Ash Crotch – Sliced Hollow Form

Hollow form from an Ash crotch. Sliced and reassembled with Wenge pewa. About 7-1/2 ” diameter, 4″ high. Finished with lacquer.

Wood Turning by Dave Landers