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Bug Hole Blaster

I seem to end up turning alot of wood with bug holes.  The bugs always leave behind gunk that I have to clean out.  That usually involves scraping with a dental tool and blowing out the holes with air.  Well I have found a way to make that a bit easier.

At this past year’s Rocky Mountain Woodturning Symposium, I was talking with Roper and he turned me on to this.  It’s a basketball ball inflater needle, with an adapter to fit it onto my an gun. I sharpened the end of the needle, so it blows air out the end and can dig bug gunk while blowing it out.  I still use a dental tool too, but this helps make the process a bit faster.


Another Airgun Hanger

Here’s another thing I use to hang my air nozzle on.IMG_3975

It’s just a scrap of wood with rare-earth magnets epoxied to the bottom so it will stick anywhere when I want the air nozzle within convenient reach.


Really handy when working the inside of a hollow-form and I’m using the air all the time.

Airgun Hanger

Pretty simple, but it’s been helpful. I added a big screw eye to a piece of scrap wood and attached it to the end of my lathe (using holes that were already there for attaching extensions etc). I put it on the headstock end because otherwise the hose was just underfoot too much.IMG_3960.jpg