Dust Collection

I discovered that 3″ PVC pipe couplers are the same size as 4″ dust collector hose.

I cut a length of 3″ pipe, added a coupler and am using that rather than the large hood I had been using.

I think the pipe collects sanding dust better. Also, since the pipe is longer than the hood is, the stand can be farther back and out of the way. I was always bumping it with the banjo and had to walk around the lathe to move it around.

I added a pipe clamp to the stand where the two vertical sections slide together for height adjustment, so it will stay at the correct height but can rotate. Now I can just swing the pipe out of the way without having to move the stand around.

One thought on “Dust Collection”

  1. Great idea! I like this a lot because it does not take up a lot of space and also is way cheaper.
    It might collect dust better because of the smaller opening compared to the 12″ x 16″ Dust Nozzle. It is more concentrated.

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