Trent Bosch Workshop


I just got back from a 3-day workshop with Trent Bosch.  I had a great time and learned alot – I hope I can remember it all!

I was able to make about 10 pieces, and tried to challenge myself on several of them.  It was different than turning at home – the purpose being learning and improving rather than simply making things.

I did some hollowing using Trent’s Visualizer, which is super-cool and fun to use.  I don’t think I could have successfully hollowed the pieces that I made without it – at least not as quickly and with the same confidence. I do think that using the Visualizer was probably helpful in learning what’s going on inside the hollowing process – hopefully that experience will translate to doing it the “low-tech” way.

If you are a wood-turner (or think you would like to be), I highly recommend taking a class.  Pick someone you respect or who teaches things you are interested in.  If you want a low-key, flexible, and fun class (with an emphasis on bowls and hollow forms), I recommend Trent’s course without hesitation.

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