Goblet Repair

A client knocked over a goblet while dusting, and the stem broke. So I repaired it.

There was no way to put the stem back together, so I had to make an entirely new stem, matching the original. Fortunately I had a bit of Ebony sitting around, as that was the original stem material.


I usually attach my goblet stems with a small 1/4″ tenon. The bowl has a tenon that fits into a hole in the top of the stem, and the bottom of the stem has a tenon that fits into a hole in the base.

So the next step was to cut the broken stem. I made a jam chuck that just barely fit the base, and held it in with a few dots of hot-glue.


Then I cut off the broken bit of stem (making sure to remove all the glue) and re-drilled the tenon hole.


I attached the goblet burl to my vacuum chuck, using the broken stem to align it.


The vacuum chuck doesn’t hold very well on such a small piece (and also the burl had some holes that made it leaky). So I used plastic wrap and tape to secure it. Then it was again cut off the broken stem, remove any glue, and reform the tenon.


I then used the lathe to align and clamp the three pieces together. I use epoxy to glue the pieces together.


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