Another Wormy Ash Hollowform

Wormy Ash, 7.5″ diameter, 4.5″ tall.

This piece has a nice bark inclusion running up the side. I might have left that alone, except that several other cracks developed during drying.

So I fixed those cracks with Wenge pewa (butterfly inserts) and also bridged the bark inclusion so it would look more complete.

The wood has lots of worm holes – these were quite a bit of trouble. The worms leave the holes filled with packed sawdust, which I like to clean out. That makes for a lot of detail work with dental tools and compressed air..

This piece was selected by the American Association of Woodturners Forum as Turning of the Week for Nov 29, 2021.

Walnut Hollow Form

This Hollow Form is Walnut, about 6-1/2″ around and 5″ tall.

Turned from a full log, so the pith (center of the log) runs thru the sides.

The stress around the pith usually leads to cracking. After it sat for a while and developed some cracks, I repaired them with Maple Pewa patches

There is a void in the side, where the tree grew around its own bark, likely due to some damage or a broken branch.

Walnut Hollow Form

This Hollow Form is Walnut, about 7″ around and 4″ tall.

It was turned from a full log, so the pith (center of the log) runs thru the sides of the form. There is a lot of stress around the pith, and it usually leads to cracking.

After it sat for a while, it did crack. I repaired those cracks with Pewa (butterfly) patches and Huini pegs, both made of Maple.

On one side of the form, there is a place where it appears a branch had broken off and the tree grew around it.

Burned and Dyed Ash

These ash hollowforms were burned with a torch. The torch charred the early wood (large pores) before burning the late wood (more solid places). I then used red dye to color them.

Floating Hot Air Balloon

I made a hot air balloon that floats!



The balloon is a cottonwood hollowform, colored with dyes.  The basket is black palm wood.  The base is also colored cottonwood.

The base supports a vertical pole, and the balloon has a tube running through its middle. The balloon just slides onto the pole.



I put strong magnets in the basket and the base, and that’s what makes it float.

Hollow forms

I’ve been enjoying making hollow forms recently.  This is just a sampling of some of the recent ones.

Beetle-Kill Pine:




Maple, with a bit of spalting on the top:









Another cottonwood form.  I like how layering various colors of dye brings out the figure in cottonwood.IMG_4783.jpg

Aspen hollowform

This hollowform really shows off some nice Aspen grain figure.

DSC012255″ diameter, 5.25″ tall, with about a 1″ opening.



$55 – Sold

Small Aspen Hollowform

This is a small hollowform – just 2.5″ diameter and 3″ tall.  It is Aspen, with a cap (attached, not a lid) of ebonized Walnut.



Not for Sale