Burned and Dyed Ash

These ash hollowforms were burned with a torch. The torch charred the early wood (large pores) before burning the late wood (more solid places). I then used red dye to color them.

Floating Hot Air Balloon

I made a hot air balloon that floats!



The balloon is a cottonwood hollowform, colored with dyes.  The basket is black palm wood.  The base is also colored cottonwood.

The base supports a vertical pole, and the balloon has a tube running through its middle. The balloon just slides onto the pole.



I put strong magnets in the basket and the base, and that’s what makes it float.

Hollow forms

I’ve been enjoying making hollow forms recently.  This is just a sampling of some of the recent ones.

Beetle-Kill Pine:




Maple, with a bit of spalting on the top:









Another cottonwood form.  I like how layering various colors of dye brings out the figure in cottonwood.IMG_4783.jpg

Aspen hollowform

This hollowform really shows off some nice Aspen grain figure.

DSC012255″ diameter, 5.25″ tall, with about a 1″ opening.



$55 – Sold

Small Aspen Hollowform

This is a small hollowform – just 2.5″ diameter and 3″ tall.  It is Aspen, with a cap (attached, not a lid) of ebonized Walnut.



Not for Sale